Car Ports

Hard roof steel structures are a life time investment in asset protection. The solid construction using materials made from mild steel is fabricated to designs which offer the customer different shapes to choose from.

All the designs are manufactured to bolt together so there is no prolonged time spent on sites thus minimizing the risk and liability to the public and environment.

All hard roof structural designs are check by professional engineers and the products conform to SABS 0160 standards

All hard roof structures offer a variety of roof coverings ranging from galvanized, cromadek and poly carbonate roof sheeting in various colours.

We Specialise in:

With special designs which cover massive areas with the minimal amount of posts to avoid damage through collision, has proven to become the most effective way to store vehicles in a duty free zone.

The impressive structures constructed from I-beams and covered with roof sheeting set in big, sturdy foundations ensure that the vehicles are not harmed in any weather condition.

The importers now assure themselves peace of mind that their vehicles are safely housed during their term of storage..

In this case the sheeting whether galvanized or chromadek is sent through a process called reverse cranking. This is another step in offering the customer a variation to the conventional flat top structure.

This design is particularly popular where a high roof clearance height is required, for instance driving ranges at golf courses and commercial vehicle retail outlets.

This is the most used design for hard roof vehicle cover. As hard roof structures are limited to their spans, the cantilever is the design proven to solve the problem. With no posts in the roadway the vehicles can move freely without risk of damage.

The roof construction is made of lipped channel which is more affordable than square tubing and is therefore a popular choice at schools, residential estates, corporate staff parking areas and retirement villages.

This design offers the same vehicle protection but with a different aesthetic appeal. The purlins are sent through a rolling process which gives the finished structure a rounded look.

Traditionally this is stronger as the shape is more resistant to outside forces (like an eggshell) The structure design can perform well even when covering three vehicles at a time.

As we are very happy to work from Architects or Engineers drawings, we are often asked to manufacture, supply and install special designs which are not within our normal scope of work.

Examples of this can be seen at post offices, taxi ranks, grand stands and public shopping areas.

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