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Custom Shade Sails

This simple solution is ideal for a variety of applications such as playful protection from the sun on a school playground, creating a practical focal point at a restaurant or commercial venue, or as a stunning patio solution at home. We offer a variety of colour options and will customise your shade sail to fit your area like a glove!

Car Guard Shade Ports

Carguard Shade Ports require no municipal plans or engineer approval and so provide a cost effective, low maintenance solution to protect vehicles from the hot sun. The rigid canopy and frame makes them a suitable option for adverse weather conditions.  Wall suspension and cantilever options render driveways and parking areas free from collision causing obstructions.

Tension Membrane Structures

An excellent option for engineers and architects looking to design sustainable structures. Tension membrane structures offer an incredibly lightweight, energy conserving solution for roofing systems – especially over large areas. We have vast experience working with contractors, surveyors and architectural firms and will work with you to create your desired solution.

Waterproof Stretch Tents

The go-to solution for awkwardly shaped areas or zones requiring a quick and attractive, waterproof cover solution. The organic free form shapes of a stretch tent or canopy will enhance the architecture of most buildings. Cover almost size area or shape quickly and cost-effectively and create an atmospheric and weatherproof space for your clientele!

DIY Shade sail triangle 3.6x3.6x3.6

Ready to Use Shade Sails

The easy DIY shade solution for use at entertainment zones, kids plays areas, courtyards, vehicle shade ports and more. Choose from a variety of sizes and shapes to suit your area. Available on or at leading hardware and home outlets.

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