Our Story

Bruce Welgemoed started Prime Steel and Xtra Cover in 1994 in Gauteng South Africa. The company was fortunate to have a large manufacturing facility in Boksburg amongst the hub of steel merchants on the East Rand. Capable of manufacturing high volumes at quick speeds the company quickly became known as the leaders in the shade and car port industry.

The company footprint grew rapidly and in a short space of time had manufactured, supplied and installed vehicle cover and other shade solutions all over the world.

Recognised for our intrepid understanding of vehicle cover, knowledge of contracting, engineering capability and speed of installation, the company landed the biggest vehicle cover sites in the world ranging from 4000 to 14 000 vehicles covered per site.

The shade port design used to this day in all of the Cape which uses steel tubing in the hem of the shade cloth membrane was designed in the Prime Steel Xtra-Cover factory.

The company had worked with every major contracting, quantity surveying and architectural firm in the country and abroad.

In 2000 PEK Agencies was founded specifically to import the textiles required for the massive shade port jobs. PEK Agencies was then exporting the finished products to neighbouring countries in kit form and to other countries on the continent.

After 8 years Bruce decided to leave the company in the hands of his partners. His interests were in Europe, specifically Spain. Bruce had a successful manufacturing plant in Valencia where shade port units were manufactured for the country and its neighbours.

Due to the world economic meltdown in 2008, Bruce decided to return to SA and back to Benoni where his career in the industry started.

PEK Agencies was already recognised as major player in the shade solutions industry and quickly the old customers returned.

Bruce Welgemoed has over 24 years of experience in the shade solutions industry. Starting from shade ports – carports – bulk vehicle storage facilities – import/export – shade sails – waterproof stretch membranes – tension structures – DIY retail products and now living in Cape Town with his family.

The company now uses many types of membranes for its roofing solutions offering the client a wide variety of products, shapes, textures and designs.

The company is able to provide engineering for its products, 3D renders for customer perusal, quick manufacture and installation anywhere in the world.

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Bruce Welgemoed

Bruce Welgemoed
Owner, ShadeAfrica