This is the largest waterproof stretch tent ever installed on a rooftop deck. We did it in just 4 weeks!

Garsfontein High School required an area to be covered to create a hospitality venue, centrally placed between the sports fields above the gymnasium.

A custom-fit stretch tent, designed and fitted by Shade Africa, now provides an ideal venue to view sporting events from an elevated, dry and protected area, with catering facilities included.

This 850sqm site was covered with two waterproof stretch tents, joined with a custom gutter system to ensure sufficient water displacement.

The stretch tent has custom outrigger columns chemically fixed to the slab. This ensures that that water displacement is on the outside of the venue.

One side is fitted to the existing steel structure using our custom rope track and Kedar system. This system ensures that the transition from inside the building to the tent is 100% seamless and dry.

The tent weighs 1000kgs, has 14 outer columns at 2.3m height and 14 inner columns ranging from 4.5m-6.5m in height.

This is the largest waterproof stretch tent installed on a roof top deck on a permanent basis to date.

If you’re looking for a quick turn around solution to turn an outdoor space into a covered venue, talk to us about our stretch tent solutions!

From order to installation, this venue was created in just four weeks! The outer columns and custom gutter fitted to the existing steel structure, was installed in ten days from order and took just three days to fit. The tent took four weeks to manufacture and was fitted in one day, including the custom gutter system. The second day was used for final touch ups.

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